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Well Visit Specialist

Lancaster Family Health

Family Medicine & Aesthetics located in Lancaster, PA

Annual wellness exams give you an opportunity to review your health, identify health risks, and discuss ways to preserve your well-being. At Lancaster Family Health, Christopher Porter, DO, and Mark Cohen, DO, and the rest of the team offer wellness checks to people of all ages in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Call the office or book an appointment online to schedule this essential yearly exam.

Well Visit Q & A

Why is it important to schedule a wellness visit?

If you only see the doctor when you’re sick, you may be short-changing your health. When you schedule a wellness exam at Lancaster Family Health, the providers can spot potential problems before they become too serious. Plus, they keep track of key health markers over time, which also gives you a good indication of your health.

How often should I have a wellness exam?

Children, smokers, people with chronic conditions, and those who are at risk for chronic conditions may need more frequent exams. But in general, adults benefit from an exam once every year.

What happens during a wellness exam?

While every person’s wellness exam is a little different depending on their age and health history, certain markers are almost always checked. You can expect the provider to do the following at a wellness exam:

  • Measure your height and weight
  • Check your blood pressure
  • Listen to your heart and lungs
  • Examine your abdomen, thyroid, and lymph nodes
  • Briefly evaluate your throat, nose, eyes, and ears

The doctors at Lancaster Family Health will also check on any chronic conditions you have.

Can I ask questions during a wellness visit?

You’re encouraged to raise any questions you have about your health with the providers at your wellness visit. Consider bringing a list of your concerns with you so you don’t forget any of them when you’re in the exam room. You may also write down any important responses.

What is preventive care?

A wellness visit focuses on preventive care. Use it as a time to talk to Dr. Porter, Dr. Cohen, or one of the nurse practitioners to create a relationship and develop a long-term plan to help you meet your health goals to maximize your wellness.

Issues discussed at a wellness visit include:

  • Exercise and diet
  • Medications
  • Safety at the workplace or during recreational activities
  • Vaccines
  • Cancer screenings, such as mammograms or prostate tests

The providers discuss these issues with you to help you prevent conditions that can endanger your long-term health. Preventive care can increase your life expectancy and quality of life.

To schedule your wellness exam, call Lancaster family health or book online today.