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Submental Fat Reduction Specialist

Lancaster Family Health

Family Medicine & Aesthetics located in Lancaster, PA

Excess fat under your chin can make you look heavier or older than you are. In the past, surgery was your only option to reduce this unwanted submental fat, but now SculpSure® noninvasive laser treatments can successfully refine your profile. The team at Lancaster Family Health, including Dr. Christopher Porter and Dr. Mark Cohen, offers SculpSure submental fat reduction. Call the office in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, or book an appointment online to learn how you can precisely and effectively enhance the appearance of your chin.

Submental Fat Reduction Q & A

What is SculpSure submental treatment?

Submental fat is the extra fat that lies under your chin. You may develop this fat due to weight gain, aging, or genetics. Regardless of why you have it, you want to get rid of it to slim down your profile and feel more confident in your appearance.

SculpSure is a laser technology produced by Cynosure®. The laser energy penetrates your outer layers of skin to target the fat cells that lie beneath. The energy destroys the fat cells permanently, and your body eliminates them through natural processes.

When can I expect to see results from SculpSure under-the-chin treatments?

SculpSure eliminates up to 24% of fat cells in the treated area in any one session. Your body needs time to process and eliminate the destroyed cells, so results start to be evident after six weeks, and you see optimal results after about 12 weeks.

How many submental fat reduction sessions will I need?

The team at Lancaster Family Health develops a customized treatment plan according to your body type and aesthetic goals. Most people experience success in two to four sessions, while others need up to six sessions.

Is there any downtime associated with SculpSure chin fat reduction treatments?

SculpSure treatments are completely noninvasive, meaning you experience no blood loss, incisions, or scarring. You can go right back to your day-to-day activities following a session. The only side effects may be slight redness in the treatment area that fades within a day or two. Some people do experience slight bruising after treatment, but this fades within a few days too.

Do SculpSure submental treatments hurt?

You may experience sensations of warmth and tingling during treatment, but most people find SculpSure chin treatments tolerable. If you’re concerned about discomfort during the session, discuss options for pretreatment icing or numbing creams with the staff at Lancaster Family Health.

Who is a candidate for chin fat reduction with SculpSure?

Anyone bothered by the appearance of extra fat under their chin may benefit from SculpSure treatments. Other products to reduce submental fat require you to have a body mass index of 30 or below to guarantee results, but SculpSure (chin treatment only) is approved for people with a BMI of 43 or below, making it available to a wider population.

To learn more about SculpSure treatments for your chin, call Lancaster Family Health or book an appointment online.